Monday, December 29, 2008

View from the room

Here is a small glimpse of what it looked like from our room. The picture does not do the actual sight much justice, but you still can get the idea. :)

Opryland Hotel

Surprise!! Clint and Aydan surprised me with one night stay at Opryland Hotel for Christmas. I have always loved going up there and looking at the lights and decorations at Christmas. If you have not been it is truly a treat. This year they had a Mardi Gras type theme...with the masked people, lots of purple, yellow, and green. Our room was a balcony room and it over looked the Delta. It was gorgeous!!! In addition to staying there and looking at the lights we went shopping at Opry Mills. Nothing to brag about, as a matter of fact we only bought one thing while we were there. You will read about it and see it in a future post.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hanging Out

This is a picture of Eva and Aydan hanging out! Whenever we are home Eva is attached to Aydan's hip! The two of them are inseparable. They have recently began playing with each other. Aydan will swing his arms at her and she will nip at him and make funny noises. He giggles and giggles for hours on end when he plays with her. Nemo our other dog...loves Aydan as well but she is more of a mother to him. Whenever he cries or needs something she is there to let us know. Nemo even brings him some of her "babies"/toys to play with when he is on the floor. Eva on the other hand is more of a play buddy. There is nothing more entertaining than a boy and his puppies.

Talk about Spoiled Rotten :)

Here is a few pictures of all the wonderful things that Aydan got for Christmas at his Memaw's and Pepaw's house. He has everything he needs and more. He is spoiled rotten!! It is amazing how much people are willing to give up just to watch the reaction of kids faces as they open gifts. I know for me that is the most exciting part of giving...watching how excited they are regardless of what they open. All of that unwrapping and hanging out really took a toll on Clint and Aydan. Mom, Dad, and I got up for a few minutes to upload some pictures and we came back to the 2 of them passed out. I love those two little rascals...even if they were willing to sleep the night away!! :)

Aydan's First Christmas at Memaw's and Pepaw's

This was Aydan's first Christmas! Clint and I have been practicing shredding paper for a few weeks now with Aydan, that way he would be ready for Christmas!! He did a really good job...I think that he was more interested in eating the paper than anything, but he had a good time doing it :) Here are a few pictures of him unwrapping his gifts from his Memaw, Pepaw, Uncle Danny, Aunt Summer, Hunter and Gavin (his cousins). Unfortunately his Uncle Danny, Aunt Summer, Hunter and Gavin could not make it for Christmas because they live in Washington state. Maybe in a few years we will all be able to spend Christmas together.

Aydan is off and running

Clint and I decided to buy Aydan a walker to use at his Memaw's and Pepaw's house. We found it for $8.00!! What a deal, it has been worth every penny! Aydan adores his new toy, and whenever he gets to their house can't wait to chase Nemo, Eva, Dixie and Madison around in it. The other reason that he likes it is because it allows him to move all over the house and get into anything that he wants. Just recently he has discovered how to open and close all the cabinets in the kitchen. Here is a short clip of him and I playing in the hallway.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Aydan's first Christmas!

After finally finishing this semester of Grad School Clint, Aydan, and I were finally able to get and take some pictures for our family Christmas card. Here is one of the pictures that we got of him! Isn't he adorable! We are definately proud parents!! He was very patient with us and loved every minute of playing in the box. It is hard to believe that he is already 7 months old. On Christmas day he will be 8 months old!! Hope you enjoy!!