Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clint is Proud :)

Clint has been taking pictures at our land for a long time and has some success with seeing some deer. Mostly we have seen squirrels, raccoons, birds, rabbits, etc. If you look carefully at the deer you can see that some of them are (button) bucks for right now because they have shed their horns. This completely tickled Clint and it has encouraged him to take more pictures of the wildlife at our land. Who knows maybe we will have pictures of these bucks with their actual horns soon. :)

11 months Today!

My Baby Boy is 11 months today! When I look back at how quickly life has flashed before me over the last year I am amazed!! At this time last year I was anticipating the arrival of my precious little baby boy!! I knew that after I made it through SAT's I was good to go at anytime. With my prayers and several of my co-workers I made it through SAT's with no baby! That was the biggest scare of my principal and vice principal. They were not sure what kind of "irregularity report" they would have to fill out for a delivery! I cannot believe that at 11 months Aydan is 32 inches long, weighs 25 lbs, wears a size 5 shoe, already has 8 teeth, is walking (sometimes running), can say a few words, and is able to love and share more than anything or anyone I know. What in the world has happened in my life over the last year!! It has been awesome and I know that the future holds more exciting things for me and my family! My question to everyone is why didn't you tell me sooner :) Just kidding!!!

Spring Break

The 3 of us had an awesome time over Spring Break!! Clint and I started "Spring Break" the Thursday before everyone else. But truly it was not Spring Break, we were studying for the Comprehensive Exam in order to graduate. My camera for some reason is not wanting to cooperate with me and allow me to download my pictures, it also deleted some of my pictures :( I will post the pictures as soon as possible.

Thursday: Clint and I studied for the Comps. We had a good time doing it even if it was stressful. It made me think of back in the days when Clint and I use to study and hang out at Athens State for our undergraduate degree. First thing in the morning we took Aydan to Mom and Dad's house to hang out for the day. Then we stopped and got some breakfast. We studied for several hours and then decided to take a break and go eat lunch at Logan's. After eating at Logan's we went and studied at Athens State Library. We had a good time. At about 6 o'clock that evening we came home and packed a bag to spend the night at my Mom and Dad's house so that Aydan and Mom would not have to get up early Friday morning.

Friday: Took the Comprehensive Exam at Alabama A&M University. We typed at a computer from 8:30 - 2:00 pm. It honestly had to be one of the most stresfful times in my life. 4 Essay questions a minimium of 4 pages each, and 4 references per article. THANK GOD we are done!!

Saturday: Aydan, Clint and I went to our cousin Evey's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese in Florence. We had a BLAST...Aydan's favorite ride was the Bob the Builder one. He would not get out for anything. It was adorable. That evening we took Clint's Mom out to Catfish Haven for her birthday dinner. It was really good too!! I don't eat fish but it still was good :)

Sunday: We went to church and hung out with Family. Something we have not gotten to do in a really long time because of school and work. Almost done with school though!!

Monday: The first official of spring break! We hung around the house most of the day and then decided to head out for some shopping and dinner. It was AWESOME doing nothing!! :)

Tuesday: Nemo and Eva's yearly visit to the vet for their shots and check up. Both of them checked out good, and the vet said that they were very well behaved :) Other than that we just hung around the house to make sure that they were going to be okay after their shots.

Wednesday: We took Papaw Earnest fishing! It was Aydan's first trip on a boat and his first time fishing. It was so much fun. Papaw was so tickled to go fishing and having Aydan there made it special. Aydan had a blast. Papaw caught a fish and Aydan was not sure what he was suppose to do. He just sat there and looked at it. The weather was chilly and the sun was hot so Aydan and I could not stay all day. Instead we went to Wal-Mart and then went back to Clint's parents house to take a nap.

Thursday: Clint found a boat that he liked down in Columbiana, Alabama. It is outside of Birmingham. The 3 of us loaded up in the truck to ride down there to look at the boat. It was not comfortable at ALL!! But it was great getting to spend time with the 2 of them. We ended up buying the boat...and I am not sure who likes it more Clint or Aydan. Aydan amazingly enough knew exactly what to do when he got in. He jumped in and went straight for the steering wheel.

Friday: Clint went fishing with Nephew out at the pond. While Aydan and I went to Applebee's with Mom, Dad, Nancy, and Ronnie. We had a good time! Aydan ate 2 whole chicken nuggets and some fries. He is getting so big so quickly!

Saturday: Clint, Peter and Kade went fishing on the river. Aydan and I hung out with Jessica. We went shopping and hung out. We went to Bridgestreet!! It was so pretty outside. I loved getting the chance to hang out with Jessica, because that is something we have not gotten to do much lately because we are both in school.

Sunday:Hung out and enjoyed each others company!! Dreaded the fact that we had to go back to work, but also were excited because we are so close to being done! Watch out summer the Vandiver's are coming at you FULL FORCE!!