Saturday, January 31, 2009

I can do it Mommy!

My teaching philosophy is if they are interested go for it and teach for the moment. Do you think that it is too early for chores yet? I mean it is obvious that he is interested, and he seems to have
a pretty good grasp on what to do with it. By the way please ignore the mess in the vacuum I should have emptied it before the picture! On the flip side... hey mom look at me I vacuumed! :)

Breakfast Anyone

Who needs a mom or dad when you can feed yourself? Becoming a self feeder is so much fun...especially when you get to wear a cool hat when you are eating.

Go Away Old Man Winter

LET ME OUT!! We have a dog door on our backyard door so that the girls can come and go as they need to. Recently Aydan has discovered the the dogs can go in and out through the little flap. Every now and then we would let him explore and go towards the door and he would push the flap open and just giggle and giggle. He realized that he too could get out the door if he wanted too. When that happened we began closing the door unless he was asleep or entertained in his exersaucer. As you can tell by the pictures he did not like that very a matter of fact he disliked it so much that he was bound and determined to open the door himself. Luckily he still cannot reach the doorknob, but I know that Nemo was really wishing that he could here. I cannot wait until it warms up some and we can start playing outside. I know that he is going to LOVE IT!!

Shout out to the Virginia Beach Family

My family lives all over the United States! We mainly get to see each other around holidays or when school is out. This summer when Aydan was 3 months old we went to Washington D.C. and Virginia Beach to visit some of my family and tour the nation's capitol. We had a blast!! My cousin Shelagh and her family gave Aydan this Baltimore Orioles outfit. If I might say so myself he looks like a natural in it...maybe one day he will make millions playing baseball!!

Man of the House

The last day of hunting season was today! Poor Clint, although he did have a really good season. I believe the final count was 3 bucks and no does. Not too bad for a man that did not get to go as often as he wanted to this season. Clint is a die hard hunter, and since the day he was old enough to hunt has spent everyday of hunting season in the woods. This season was different though. Between a new job, school, work, family and a BABY BOY at home to play with he was willing to give up some of those weekend days in the woods. I know that hunting means so much to Clint, and I am glad that he enjoys it...but I believe that the woods may have met its match. At any rate here is a picture of Aydan filling Daddy's shoes while he was away in the woods. He was so proud of himself for getting into them. I definitely feel safe with him being in charge while Daddy is away!! :)

Gearing up for the Super Bowl

Because the Super Bowl is quickly approaching Aydan decided to practice up for the game. He jumped in his recliner, put on his hat, and grabbed his juice. Now all he needs is the actual game...not too much longer but I doubt he sits there and waits. Oh by the way he will be cheering for the Cardinals in honor of his Great Grammie and Pop that live in Arizona!!

Tug of "Peace" :)

Enjoy Aydan and Eva having a tug of "peace" match. Usually the battle goes on for quite sometime...I guess the 2 of them were just camera shy. At any rate it is truly hilarious to watch. *We call it tug of peace because one time at "puppy school" with my dog Dixie the trainer told us to never call it tug of war...that was a negative term*

A Boy and his Sidekicks

Since the day he was born Aydan has always had two little buddies next to him at all possible times. Eva (the brown one) is his "best friend" and play buddy, while Nemo (the white one) is his "mother". Whenever Aydan is wanting to play Eva is always there for him, and when play time is over it is not uncommon to find Aydan and Eva curdle up together enjoying each other's company. Whenever Aydan hints around to a cry or needing something Nemo is on her way to help in anyway that she can. Sometimes she even offers him her "babies" until he feels better. Animals have always been a huge part of my family while growing up and I am glad to see that it will continue with my family. I just am amazed at how much love these 2 little girls have for that little boy...and how much love he has for the 2 of them.

Thank God I'm a Country Boy

With Aydan now being a "cruiser" his favorite toy has become his John Deere Tractor. The boy cannot help it, he gets it honest. His dad is a true country boy at heart, and his mom is a huge fan of John Deere. In the pictures you see one of him riding...he needs assistance with that because his little legs only reach the ground on one side. As for the as for the walking behind it he has that down to an art form. In another picture you can see him sticking out his tongue, that is what he does when he is bound and determine to conquer something!! How could anyone not love this little country boy?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to School

Three weeks ago Clint and I officially started our LAST SEMESTER at Alabama A&M!! YEAH!!! It feels so good being so close to done! It is really hard on Monday nights because we have class from 7 - 10 pm, Tuesday is not too bad because we just go from 4 - 7 pm. Since Aydan has been born there has not been a single night that I have not put him to bed! So far this semester I have been very blessed and have been able to make it home before he goes to bed. I just hope that it holds up because the thought of him being put to bed by my mom or dad KILLS ME! I have done it for this long, and who knows how I will react when I don't get to. I know that it sounds silly, just one of those things that bothers me I guess. I will get over it, because I know that there is going to come a time. At any rate...keep Clint and I in your thoughts as we make it through our FINAL SEMESTER!!! :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nightly Routine

Aydan loves to get this teeth brushed. During the nightly routine of teeth brushing he was not ready for mom to stop brushing his teeth. Aydan grabbed the toothbrush out of the holder to continue to brush his own teeth. He is getting big to fast.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


My BABY BOY is crawling!!! Can you believe it?!?! It seems like just yesterday that he was laying in my arms depending on me for everything. Now he does not need me for too much because he can get into everything...and he does. He crawls into the kitchen to bang the cabinets, crawls in the bathroom to yank on the shower curtain, and after the dogs to get their tails, POOR GIRLS!! But they love him to pieces and I know that they would not trade him in for the world! :)

Big Boy Bath :)

Aydan is having a great time playing in the bath tub. He finally has learned that when all that water splashes everywhere it is because of him. Hands, feet, and toys fly everywhere. Here is a short video clip of him playing in the tub, I realize later in life he will be mad at me for this but right now he won't mind. I am in the process of trying to figure out a way for transition from his baby tub to the big boy tub if you have suggestions please let me know :)

Feeding time with Da-da-da

Clint has been an AWESOME Daddy!! He loves Aydan so much and will do anything for him. The other day he was feeding Aydan and it was HILARIOUS!! Aydan knows how to push his buttons already. ONLY with Daddy does he blow food, grab in his mouth and then touch his hair. By the time feeding time is over I don't know who is wearing more Aydan or Clint and I honestly don't know how much Aydan ate. It was the cutest thing ever.

Hanging out and playing in my new PLAY AREA!

His Build-A-Bear Puppy named "Walka-Walka" that he got for Christmas this year from his MOMMY!! That is the surprise from a previous post! I am so proud of it because I wanted to make him one before he was born, but Clint convinced me to wait until after. So the time finally came!!! Welcome Walka-Walka!!!

Aydan is now getting to be a little independent man, and he need a place to play! So of course since he rules the roost he got part of our living room. We took out a table and some other small things to create a play area in the corner for him. He has many but not all of his toys in it. As you can tell the corner is PACKED full of goodies. I am telling you this boy is spoiled rotten!! :) He also loves his excer-sauser very very much, but unfortunately he is about to outgrow it, and will have to play with some other things as well.

Hanging out with Uncle Nephew

In addition to hanging out with Aunt Jessica, we got to spend sometime with Uncle Nephew!! Uncle Nephew came all the way from Russellville to visit us. We hung out, played lots of games, and lounged around in our pj's. Uncle Nephew was kind enough to watch Aydan for a little while so that Clint and I could get some cleaning done. We decided to clean out our dresser drawers and closet. We ended up with 8 bags full of things to donate. Thanks a bunch Uncle Neph!!

Hanging out with Aunt Jessica

Aunt Jessica loves to spoil little Aydan, and Christmas was no exception. She got him a train that carries zoo animals, and some ornaments. This little boy has more people that love him than he knows what to do with :) Jessica got to come and hangout with us some over the Christmas break. When she came over we played, showed off, and slept a lot!! We had a blast :) Thanks Jessica!!

Christmas with the Vandiver's

Christmas with the Vandiver's this year was like visiting a nursery at the hospital. Everywhere you turned and looked were babies, babies, and more babies. This year 5 babies were born on the Vandiver side. Aydan (April) is the oldest,then there was Marley, Abby Lynn, Linley, and finally Camden (December). The pictures above are 1. Pawpaw and all of his grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren. 2. All 5 2008 Vandiver babies. 3. Our family. 4. Chris and Aydan. 5.Aydan with his Great Pawpaw Earnest. We had a blast we ate together, caught up, and played Greedy Christmas. I won a stuffed snowman, and Clint won a measuring tape :)

Christmas with Granny and Pawpaw

We celebrated Christmas with Clint's parents Christmas Eve. It was great! In the morning we had breakfast with his mom's side of the family. That evening we had Christmas with his mom, dad, sister, brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew. Phil and Sarah came up to visit Aydan as well. Here is a picture of Aydan enjoying his new "big boy" chair that he got from his Granny and Pawpaw.