Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clint Fishing with Peter :)

Peter took a video of Clint instead of a picture. But we decided to post the video too. That way Clint could show off the big crappie that he caught too. Way to go boys we are all so proud of you! :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun Day Fishing

Clint and Peter decided to try crappie fishing at Elk River today. Here is their catch.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Birthday Bath

After the cupcake Aydan had to have a bath! He enjoys his bath time more than ever especially today because Granny, Aunt Lauren and Aunt Jessica were here. After the bath Granny rubbed him down with bedtime lotion, but not before Aydan ran off without a diaper and got excited and peed on the floor! It took an entire year for that to happen! Man what a day it has been now it is time for bed.

Birthday Cupcakes

After dinner we went home to sing Happy Birthday to Aydan. He went crazy with his first real amount of pure sugar with his cupcake icing from Publix. He really enjoyed the cupcake and so did the dogs. Aydan thought it was very funny to let Dixie and Eva lick the icing from his fingers. He got a little scared when the dogs decided that they too liked the icing. Aydan had icing all over his face, head, arms, legs and even all over mom! So off to the bath we went!!

Birthday Dinner with Granny and Aunt Lauren

Aydan wanted to go to Oh! Bryans for dinner. Of course we did not object you never argue with the Birthday boy!! So Granny, Aunt Lauren, Aunt Jessica, Clint, Aydan and myself loaded up in the Tahoe and went to Oh! Bryans. He had fun playing in the waiting area as we had to wait for a table. Then we all ate a large dinner and headed back home to do a practice run with cupcakes for his birthday party!

Birthday Guitar Hero and Playing in the Boat

Aydan wanted to play a little bit of Guitar Hero for his birthday. So we went in his bedroom and listen to him ROCK OUT!!! He jammed on that guitar like it was no ones business. If he only knew that the guitar was not really turned on. Bless his heart!! :) After playing Guitar Hero we went outside and played in the boat and the yard. After that we went down to Shelby's house to visit her. The two of them had a blast chasing each other and playing with her toys. After playing with Shelby, Aydan came home and took a nap, well so did I and Aunt Jessica. :) He was tapped out...to the point that he almost missed seeing his Uncle Nephew and Amber on his birthday. What a day this little man had?!?!?!

Birthday present from Aunt Jessica

Aunt Jessica came over to see Aydan for his birthday! She will be out of town on the day of his birthday party so it was important for her to drop off Aydan's present. He got an Elmo Live from her. Over the last few months Elmo has become another member of our family. Where Aydan goes Elmo in some form or fashion goes. Since Jessica got him the Elmo Live and is sitting here next to me....I am putting her in charge of this post :) Aydan loved his Elmo! He thought that little red guy was real. He hugged it and looked at Elmo as Elmo told him jokes and asked him to pick him up off the floor when he would fall over. I am glad he was so surprised by his new Elmo and being able to see Aunt Jessica today.

Birthday Breakfast

Aydan Wade Vandiver is 1 year old today!!! What in the world has happened over the last year? Where in the world did my life run off too? When I look back reflecting on this year it is crazy how much that little man has grown, and how quickly it passed. While I was pregnant and right after I came home everyone told me you better enjoy every minute of it because it will go by way too fast. I had no idea until I watched this year fly right past me. I look forward to the many years ahead of us...and I promise that I will definitely slow down and pay better attention. Aydan ate a banana nut bread muffin for his birthday breakfast. He enjoyed it!!!

Easter Egg Hunt at the Park

We head over to Memaw and Pepaw's house to participate in the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Of course we showed up about 30 seconds after the kids were turned loose to get the eggs and Aydan was not successful in collecting any eggs. But that did not stop him from having a good time at the Park. He swung on the swings, went down the slide, and rode on a whale and a frog. We had a really good time!


This was Aydan's first Easter! I was not sure how he would do with the whole hiding the egg thing. But we hid one for him in the backyard anyway. Obviously we hid it really hard for him :) He ran around in the backyard chasing Nemo, Eva, and Dixie. We had plans on going out to Clint's parents house but unfortunately I broke out with a rash from the Fifth's disease. It was quite embarrasing and we were afraid that we might pass it on to everyone out there. Luckily I have not spread it to anyone. Hmmmm...weird isn't it!

Trip to Atlanta with Uncle Danny, Aunt Summer, Hunter, Gavin, Memaw and Pepaw

Uncle Danny, Aunt Summer, Hunter and Gavin got to come down and visit before Danny leaves again. This was the first time that we had gotten to see Gavin! What a handsome little man he is! We packed up over the weekend and head to Atlanta. While we were there we went to the Aquarium and the Coca-Cola Museum. We had a blast just enjoying each others company. Hunter has gotten so big!! We will have to go again when the babies are bigger :)

Fishing with Great Pawpaw Earnest

Aydan got to go fishing with his Great Pawpaw Earnest over Spring Break! He had a blast! He loved driving around in the boat. Aydan was really tickled when Pawpaw got the big fish!! He giggled and giggled while Pawpaw held it in front of him. Thanks Pawpaw for a really good time!! We all enjoyed every minute of it!

Fun at Chuck E. Cheese

Aydan had a blast while he played at Chuck E. Cheese for the first time!! Thanks Evey for the invitation and Happy Birthday!! Aydan's favorite thing at Chuck E. Cheese was Bob the Builder and the Little Blue Sports Car!