Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pancakes :)

Sunday morning I decided to make pancakes for our family and Uncle Nephew. When I was younger my Dad use to make our family pancakes and would always make my brother and I a pancake in the shape of our first initial. I decided why not give it a try...and made Aydan an "A" to eat. He had never eaten pancakes before and he loved them. He dove head first into it. It was hilarious!!! Here is some video footage of him enjoying it!

Valentine's for Daddy

Aydan bought his Daddy a gorilla and a card for Valentine's Day! He could not wait to give it to his Daddy. He even gave the card a special touch...just so that his Daddy knew it was from him. (He tried to take a big bite out of it).

Thank You for the Gifts

A BIG thank you to my students for all the LOVELY Valentine's Day gifts!! Aydan and Clint say thank you for theirs too! Several of my students were very thoughtful and gave Aydan and Clint both Valentine's as well. They LOVED them!! Aydan also wants to thank Katie Lee for his Valentine!!

A Day at the Park II

Here are some more pictures of the our day at the park!

A Day at the Park

Here lately we have not had as much quality time to hang out and play as a family. It was great the other day to get out and play at the park. We went to Kid's Kingdom park!! It was awesome!! Granted there was not a whole lot that Aydan could do, but he loved every minute of it. He watched the kids, swang on the swing, went down the slide, drove a boat, hung from the bars, and played some music with Daddy!! In one of the pictures you can see Aydan and I riding on a train. When I was in High School I built that train with a couple of my friends...they gave it a fresh coat of paint, but the structure is all mine :) We had a blast and we cannot wait to do it all again!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Aydan's Visit

Today Aydan visited my students at school. He loved every minute of it, he checked them out, grabbed at them, and hugged all of them too. I think that he will make a fine student one day. He even was quit at lunch and walking in the hallway. I told my students that I would allow them to add something to my blog about Aydan's visit to school. Here is what they had to say :)

Roosevelt: I was surprised to see him.
Haley: He was cute and I hope he comes again.
Sean: I hope that he can come again sometime, it was really fun having him there.
Zack: I wish that Aydan could come to the bowling field trip with us!
Devin: He had some cool shoes!! (Cookie Monster)
Danteus: He had some big cheeks!
CeAnna: I loved his socks they had monkeys on them!
Kyrstian: It was fun seeing Aydan.
Aubrey: I wish that Aydan could come back and visit!
Rachael: He tugged on my hair a little bit,but I patted him on the head.
Elisabeth: Thank you for coming and thank you for the kiss :) :) :)
Trinity: Aydan is so cute and sweet!!
Mady: Had to check out early because she did not feel good! But he loved getting to see her!
Tyler: Aydan I just want you to know that school is going to be hard when you grow up.
James: How long until you start school?
Carl: I think you are going to like school a lot have a good time!!!
Trey: Do not get a girl friend in 4th grade!!!!!!!!!!
Shay: Please do not spit on me jk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandon: Fourth Grade is rough $$$$$!!!!!!!!!!
Matthew: You might be rich$$$$$$$$$$$$
Hailey: Aydan was very cute and happy to see everyone!
Kennedy: Everyone was crowded around him because of his cuteness!
Chase: This was his first time in an elementary school...he is good!
Blakelin: I don't know where to begin with that lil man.
Kaitlyn: He is sooooo cute!
Ronald: Everyone got to hug him.
Jareia: He is soooo adorable!
Giovanni: Aydan drooled on Mrs. V when she was throwing him lightly up and down!!