Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Baskets

This Easter I was so excited to make the boys baskets. I wanted to make a special one last year for Aydan, but I found out I was pregnant with Ethan and I had fifths disease. Needless to say timing was not good. So I was tickled this year when I got the chance to make them. I was afraid that I was not going to be able to when at the begin of the week Clint caught strep throat and I had to watch the boys each evening alone. Luckily my mom was able to help me out and stay a little longer so I could paint them and Clint got to feeling better last night so that I could put them together. Aydan really seemed excited about his this morning when he saw it "ooohhhh see see". I am sure that next year Ethan will really enjoy his as well. I love doing crafts, just wish I had more time to do them. :)

This is Ethan's basket. It is going to have blue grass inside of it.

This is Aydan's basket. It is going to have yellow grass inside of it.

I hope that they enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them for them. Clint has a basket too, but it is not nearly as cute. His is more for the goodies that will go inside of it. Happy Easter to Everyone!