Saturday, October 23, 2010

And the 3rd is....

Wednesday we went to see Dr. DeLisle to find out what we would be having for baby #3. Clint was convinced that it was a baby girl so in honor of finding out we wore PINK! Mom, Aydan, Ethan, Clint and I waited for a little while for the ultrasound tech. Finally she came and took us all back. As soon as we got in there I could feel my stomach get in knots. Did I really want to find out? She put the piece on my stomach and the first thing that I saw was a dead give away! I knew what it was before the the I announced to Clint and Mom that it was going to be........a

I guess we could have told everyone that we wore pink for Breast Cancer Month...but we were too excited about finding out it was going to be another boy and it did not matter :) 3 mommas boys for me :)

Tate's Farm

The other weekend was teachers day at Tate's Farms. We thought that we would check it out since we were free. By the time we left we spent over $30. But the fun we had was worth every penny!
Ethan and Eli! Born 1 day apart :)

A little boys paradise! The corn crib!

Whoa! This is awesome mom and dad. Can I get on of these at home?

Corn was fun, but Cotton was better!! My little farmer boy!

Chuck E. Cheese

The blogs will be short, sweet and to the point. I know that most of you check it out for the pictures anyways :) So here is our trip to Chuck E. Cheese over Fall Break. We had a blast!!
Throwing the balls at the skee ball machine with MeMoney and Aunt Jessica. Ethan and I stayed our distance! :)

What a big guy MeMaw!

Aydan's new best friend! He followed Chuck everywhere. Poor guy!

Bob The Builder and Friend!

Here he comes speed racer!

So it has been awhile!

I have been completely awful at updating my blog. Things have been crazy at work and home. For those of you who do not know this Clint and I are expecting our 3rd child. That will put our family at 3 children under 3. When this one is born we will have a 2 year old, a 1 year old and an infant. In addition to expecting another little one, we have put our house on the market again. Needless to say we have outgrown our little home. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers over the next little bit. We are busy all the time and have little time to update but I will try to do my best. Thanks for being patient and I will try to be better :)