Monday, February 15, 2010

MoMmY wOw... I'm A bIg KiD nOw!

That is right...he is wearing the baddest and toughest dinosaur boxers known to man! LOL here over the past few weeks Aydan has taken a keen interest in the potty. He has attempted to flush Eva's duck and Nemo's giraffe. While I clean the bathroom he will clean the toilet (with the brush). After Mommy, Daddy and Memaw get done going to the restroom he has to flush it and clap for us. It is a hoot...but his interest in using the potty started out with watching how Daddy went in the restroom. Then it turned into I can do like Daddy in the shower/tub. So Memaw and I have been working on getting Aydan to go potty in the big boy toilet. I have gotten him to sit on it several times and Memaw has gotten him to go potty a few times. But tonight before his bath he ran into the bathroom started tugging at his diaper and saying "Me, Me". It was bath time anyway so I took his diaper off and put him on the potty. Sure enough he had to go! After he went potty I gave him a Hershey Kiss and we threw a huge Party in the Potty... he was so proud of himself, but not nearly as proud as I was. My baby boy is growing up too fast, I don't know if I am ready for all this. Slow down world! :)

TuB tImE!

Where, oh where, have my little boys gone! Saturday morning is"Family Bath Day"...LOL just something silly that we have said since Aydan was born. We take baths during the week too, but Saturday has always just been a special day because ever since he was old enough Aydan would take a bath with either Clint or I. This family bath day Aydan helped me out some. It is hilarious watching him grow up as a big brother. The things that he had little or no interest in as an infant are now the greatest things in the world. For example his baby bath tub. I believe the pictures explain it all :)

Ethan enjoying his bath. He has turned into a little chunk so fast. At his last appointment he weighed 14 lbs. 6 oz. He is the HAPPIEST baby I have ever encountered. He is a little over 2 months old and can hold his head up on his own, has begun giggling, and definitely knows what he wants and when he wants it. I love you baby boy!

Aydan is mister independent now! He has always been one of those children that knows what he is doing and does not need your help. But since Ethan has arrived he has become more independent. He is such a good big brother. He comforts Ethan when he is crying, brings him his bottles and diapers, and throws away all the trash. Apparently he was ready to give himself a bath on Saturday. Aydan CRACKS me up...he has the best PERSONALITY of anyone I know. He is so easy going and laid back...until he does not get his way. LOL...keep up the good work Big Boy, I love you!

Thanks Uncle Neph and Aunt Am!

Our family is so blessed to have great friends and family. Everyone takes such good care of all of us. Two of the people that spoil Aydan and Ethan are Uncle Nephew and Aunt Amber. AKA Uncle Neph and Aunt Am. They are always spoiling our 2 little boys with love and gifts. This Valentine's Day they bought Aydan and Ethan polo shirts. They loved them...Aydan's favorite part was the card. It had a little frog on it and it stuck its tongue out. He had a blast laughing at the card and playing with it.
This Valentine's Day we celebrated with family date day. It started in the morning when Clint made our family pancakes. They were delicious! Then we played for a little bit. Before you knew it, it was nap time. So we laid down and took a nap. When Aydan woke up we got dressed and headed to the mall to play. We played at the play park, the arcade and rode on those quarter rides. It was awesome! Then we enjoyed a nice romantic dinner at Casa Blanca. It was definitely the best Valentine's Day ever with the 3 LOVES of my life. Thanks Clint, Aydan and Ethan! I love you boys!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Best Teacher in the World!

I finally did it! I earned the public title of "The Best Teacher in the World", well sort of. Today at school we had an assembly with "The Candy Man". One of my students was the lucky student to catch the money football. The Candy Man every year pays whoever catches the ball money in exchange for the ball back. Alvertis was the lucky student this year. His face was priceless as he ran up to the front of the gym. When he got up there the Candy Man asked him his name and he proudly said "Alvertis". Then the Candy Man asked him who is teacher was...he again proudly said "Mrs. Vandiver, the BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD!" It made my heart melt. He is one of those students that is a sweetheart, but only says stuff he means so that made it even sweeter. Alvertis probably will never have a clue how much I appreciated that. The best part is later on that afternoon in a meeting the principal introduced me to a parent as "Mrs. Vandiver...the best teacher in the world" she told the story to the parent. Anyways Alvertis was paid $12.00 for the football. I believe he has a future as an entrepreneur. Those little moments are the whole reason that TEACHING has my heart. Thank you Alvertis...your kind words are worth a million dollars in my heart.

April Fools??

This morning Clint woke up as usual when the alarm clock went off for the 5th time. He got up and jumped in the shower, and then woke me up so that I could get ready for work. I told him as usual..."I know". Clint and I had a really short conversation about how even though we slept good we still were sleepy. Then I laid back down for a quick snooze while he brushed his teeth. While I was laying there I was listening to the news. Lee Marshall said it is 5:27...and I giggled because she messed up. Or so I thought. A few minutes later I heard Robin McGloghn (or whatever) say it is 5:31. I thought that cannot be right...two of them messing up on the same day. So I looked at my cell phone and sure enough it was 5:31.

Apparently "Aydan" had messed with the alarm clock and set the clock an hour ahead. Clint claims it was him, but I wonder. LOL if it was Aydan he is doing a good job of pulling off pranks already. I can just imagine him saying "April Fools Mommy and Daddy!" He definitely got us good. But like my mom said when she got there at 6:30 (real time, or 7:30 according to our bedroom clock) better an hour early then an hour late. Thanks baby boy! We will pay you back one of these days! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Family Tree

I love to draw and paint. Over the last 2 years I have been doing it on my walls at home. Here is the latest thing that I have drawn on my entry way. It is our family tree, soon it will have family pictures in it. It says "Our Family Tree is Rooted in Love". I love it and I enjoy spending time with Aydan, because he helped me with it. He is such a good helper!

Playing it Cool and Chilling Out :)

Notice the chips on the chest. Some of them did hit his mouth :)


I know how to play it cool!

Layin low and hang out with my bro!

With the weather being so nasty over the last few weeks we have had to come up with new ways to have fun inside. Today we decided that we would play the usual "Handy Manny Repair Shop"
and fix all the stuff around the house, but we also decide to play it cool. :) Enjoy...hopefully the weather will warm up some so that Aydan can enjoy his Handy Manny truck he got for Christmas.

Date Night

Friday night was the first date that I have been on in a LONG time! Aydan and I went to the circus. It was AWESOME! I remember the circus being a lot of fun when I was younger but I do not remember it being that good. Aydan and I had a blast. We went to dinner at Burger King and ate "Chick Chick" before we head off to the circus. When we got there I was worried about his attention span. But the circus held his attention for the most part. It lasted from 6:30 until 9:45 which is way past our bedtime. Everytime the animals came out he would scream "see see". We had such a good time and I cannot wait until March for our next date to see the Disney Road Tour. Thanks for the good time Aydan! I love you big boy! :)