Thursday, March 31, 2011


Aydan enjoyed going to the park to play with friends and family. It is amazing to me how quickly 2 year olds can make and become best friends with people they just met. One day when we went to the park Aydan must have made and played with 10 different kids all with in 30 minutes. They had such a good time copying each other, running around, and talking. As you can tell from the picture Aydan enjoyed playing with his Daddy the most. He wanted to reward him for being such a big boy and going back to work without crying, so he decided to push him on the swing.
Aydan also has enjoyed being a big brother to 2 boys now. He always is finding good things to do to be a good role model. I would like to say that the climbing in the dryer was his idea but it was was ETHAN's! I have noticed since being home that Aydan and Ethan are becoming awesome friends, and playmates. They are starting to team up against me...lucky for them I am use to 25 - 28 kids teaming up on me so 2 or 3 is not a problem. :) W

Whenever Ethan gets in trouble Aydan stands up for him and tells Clint and I "". Then he will go and comfort Ethan until everything is back to normal. Aydan honestly has been a big helper. He will get juice and snacks for Ethan and himself, diapers, etc. Aydan also enjoys helping mom keep up with her daily chores. Dusting, sweeping, bathrooms and picking up toys are his favorite. I hope that he continues to like those things and is willing to help me in the future with them.

This is Aydan at Chuck E. Cheese! For the first time he was able to climb to the top of the ball thing by himself with no one helping him or guiding him through it. He was so proud and played in it the entire time. Also a good thing because we got to use to tokens :)

Other bragging points on Aydan:

1. Expanded vocabulary. I am very impressed with some of the words that he is using. He will not use a word unless he knows what it means.

2. Potty training. Some days are better than others. He is very good about going when you take him, but still has not mastered the telling you when he has to go. Any pointers on that would be greatly appreciated.

3. Counting, colors, sorting. A huge accomplishment because he is often more interested in toys and other things instead of school. :)

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Jessica said...

Man he is getting so big. I can't believe how much he has changed so quickly.