Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ethan's main goal here lately is giving me as many heart attacks as possible. Since the day that he could crawl he has been a climber. Now that he is a little taller and older the things that he can climb have gotten bigger and in his opinion better. Here is a picture of him after he climbed up Aydan's furniture. He pulled out the drawers to get higher. I had to stop taking pictures of all the things that he was climbing because I do not want to give him the impression that it is cute. But here is a list of things that he has climbed up recently. The top of our dining room table (which he was able to hang literally from the chandelier on), his dresser, the oven, the dishwasher, desks, coffee tables, you name it and he will find a way to climb it. We have already been to the Emergency Room with him this year for a gash above his eye. I have no clue how to stop him from climbing the only thing that I have found is "time out" in his pack n' play. That way I know he cannot go anywhere. Although he is mischievous and keeps me on my toes, literally, I cannot help but love him every time I bust him. Look at what I was greeted with when I came into the laundry room to swap the clothes out. How can you be mad at a face like that. He is darling and he knows it too! Man I pray for all the ladies that he encounters when he gets older. Ethan is going to be a heart breaker or he is going to give them a heart attack.
Ethan had his 15 month check up this month. I had him and Owen in Dr. Cartwright's office at the same time. Aydan fell asleep in the car so I had mom sit with him while we ran in for a quick check up. At his 15 month check up he weighed 29 lbs (95 percentile), was 33 inches tall (95 percentile) and I do not remember his head circumference but it was in the 97th percentile. I cannot believe that my baby boy is now a big brother and he quickly approaching the toddler stage of his life. Completely breaks my heart!

Ethan did have Dr. Cartwright laughing hysterically in the office though. Ethan took Dr. Cartwright's stethoscope and put it on himself. Then he looked through the piece you place on your heart and stared at Dr. Carwright through it. Dr. Cartwright said he had the stethoscope for years and had never thought to look through the end, nor has any other child taken off of him and put it on themselves. LOL I guess it is fair to say that Ethan is not shy!

To say that Ethan is nonchalant would be an understatement. After getting put in "time out" several other times this day he still climbed up and grabbed the DVD from his brother's tv. As you can see he is very phased by me and is truly worried about disappointing me and getting in trouble.

Ethan also has enjoyed playing at the park with family and friends. He does not understand that he is not as big as the kids that he wants to hang out with. Sometimes that does not stop him from trying though. That is why Clint had to put him in this swing. He saw some big kids climbing up the slides and jumping off the swing set. Well this of course caught his eye and he wanted to try. Although he did not get to try it there he did try it off of our smaller play things at home. Amazingly enough he was able to climb the slide and jump off the side.

Other bragging points/accomplishments with Ethan:

1. Drinking from a straw. He is watching the things that Aydan is doing and wanting to try them out too. He is able to drink apple juice or caprisuns from a straw without any help and believe it or not he does not squeeze it or let any make a mess. '

2. Talking some. He is saying small things like "bye bye baby", "hi baby", juice, sorry, uh-oh, oops, he is always talking but sometimes you cannot make out what he is saying. I look forward to figuring out more of his words over the next few months.

3. Playing and sharing with other kids. Ethan has always been a social butterfly but here lately is wanting to be around large groups of kids. He has become very good at playing and sharing with others. No matter what the age Ethan always seems to make friends with everyone. When we are sitting at home he will bring us toys so that we can play too. He is so sweet and thoughtful. Owen has gotten several presents from Ethan as well.

4. ALMOST off the bottle and pacifier. Yes I realize he should be off of them by now, but it is so hard to do when you have another one at home that is still getting a bottle and a pacifier. If we don't give it to him then he takes Owen's when we are not looking. So better to control it then to let him steal it. We are down to a bottle at bedtime and a pacifier only when we are tired and fussy (like nap and bed).

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