Friday, March 11, 2011

Owen and I have been Evicted!

Owen and I have been evicted from our house.
Monday I took Ethan to the doctor because he had a runny nose, cough and was tugging at his ears. We got an appointment with Dr. Cartwright at 9:30 on Monday. Ethan and I waited very patiently in the waiting room careful not to touch anything because we did not want to catch something and bring it home to baby Owen. Dr. Cartwright got to see Ethan and told me that it was just an ear infection and that we had nothing to worry about with Owen. :) Thank goodness because while we were at the hospital all we heard about was RSV and make it through the month of March and we would be closer to in the clear. Ethan was put on some medicine which broke my heart because this was the first time that he had been sick since he was born. Even though he was sick that did not slow him down.

Well Tuesday came and gone, see another post about it. But Tuesday night Aydan started to have the same symptoms as Ethan. Runny nose, cough, and tugging of the ears. So we kept an eye on him all night and Wednesday morning decided to call and get him in to the doctor too. This time we would see Dr. Johnson at 10:40. Aydan and I went to the office and again we were careful not to touch anything so that we did not bring home anything to baby Owen. Dr. Johnson got to see Aydan and told me that it was not an ear infection or his sinuses, so he wanted to run a RSV test to make sure he was not positive for Owen's sake. Well low and behold if he was POSITIVE for RSV. He informed me that it would be best for Owen to leave the house for the weekend.

So here we are at my mom and dad's house hanging out because we do not want Owen to get RSV. Clint is at home with the boys (who are sick)...while I took the dogs and Owen to my parents. Clint has been awesome with the boys. He knows how much it tears me up not being with them when they are sick, but I know that this is what is best. Today I did get to go to the house to take care of them for a few hours while Clint got out and did some errands and went grocery shopping. As soon as I got back to my parents I took my clothes off, threw them in the washer and jumped in the shower.

Hopefully, if all goes well Owen, Nemo, Eva and I will be reunited with the rest of the family Sunday evening. Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers. We had finally gotten adjusted to having a new baby at home and getting back on a routine and then we were thrown this curve ball. We are making it and hanging in there but we are ready for things to slow down and get back to OUR NORMAL. LOL which for many of your would be complete and utter chaos.


Sallye said...

I will definately keep you all in my prayers! I often think of you, and love seeing the posts.

Leanne Helums said...

Bless your heart. Hope all are better soon.