Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CHAOS vs. solitude

CHAOS VS. solitude...Can you tell which is which?

Solitude was the name of the painting hanging above the bed as Owen entered the world. We have put a lot of thought into that word. It has been very quiet here at the hospital. Quiet is one thing that is usually in short supply in our lives. It has been great to have a short break here and focus on only one child, but we also cant wait to get back to reality and one of our other favorite words....CHAOS! We really miss Aydan and Ethan and it has been hard staying here at night without them. We are really blessed to have family that has kept them safe and sound while we are here. Clint went home for a little while yesterday and played with the boys. They went to the park and watched TOY STORY 3. The boys didn't get to come up yesterday because they did not take their naps and we wanted to be respectful of our neighbors and not bring our chaos into their lives. Enough about chaos lets chat a while about the solitude. New parents at Huntsville Hospital are given a celebrations dinner. Julie ordered it for 7:00 but it showed up at 6:30. Clint didn't make it back until 7:30 so we had a luke-warm celebration dinner. There was little conversation because we are not used to having time to eat and talk. We were also starving! Julie was really excited about our baby pictures and couldn't wait for me to see them. I was blown away at how great they turned out. Julie, Dan, and Phyllis had a hard time deciding on pictures so they just ordered the whole CD. Thanks Pepaw and Memaw especially since we spent all our cash on our co-pay. For our first two children it was $100 each. Owen cost us $250. Talk about inflation! I know some of you are saying that is cheap but doubling plus an additional 50 % in 14 months kinda stung. We are headed home in a few and can't wait to get back to our normal chaos. We decided to share some of our pictures with you. We hope you like them! PS I am disappointed in the blogstalkers for not commenting. Kim Linley wins the prize as the only comment of the day. She gets to change Owen's diaper anytime she wants.


DustyandBrooke said...

Congratulations on that precious Owen!! I cannot imagine how chaotic your life truly is - but I know you guys enjoy every minute! Enjoy the quiet while you can! I bet you won't get to sit down, eat dinner, and talk again for years!

Judy Joseph said...

Congrats on the new baby. Glad to know that Chaos doesn't bother you. We prepared you well at BC. Can't wait to hear the stories when those boys become teenagers and start driving, playing ball on three different teams (wait they might all be on the same team)and all three in college at the same time. Chaos has just begun and you really don't know the meaning of BROKE!!! Enjoy every minute of them growing up!!

Kate Smith said...

Congrats Julie!!!!!!!!! I can't imagine what goes on at the V household! Mr. V: I expect blog updates EVERYDAY since you don't have much to do!
*I'm glad Linley won - I don't want that prize!